I’m still traumatized – Lady whose hubby was shot by Burna Boy’s escorts at Cubana club breaks silence

June 20th, 2022

A married woman identified simply as Briella whose husband was shot by singer Burna Boy’s police escort has shared her own side of the story.

The Lagos State Police Commissioner’s Special Squad detained five policemen attached to Burna Boy for attempted murder after they shot two clubbers, Lawrence Irebami, the husband of the woman Burna Boy allegedly made sexual advances to and another identified simply as Tolu, at Club Cubana in Lagos last Wednesday.

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Breaking her silence in an Instagram post on Sunday, June 19, Briella stated that she is still traumatised over the event and her husband and his best friend are still healing from the wounds inflicted on them.

Briella narrated how she was accosted three times by Burna Boy’s men requesting her to meet him.

“On the first attempt I told them I wasn’t interested in talking to Burna Boy and I am married to my partner. He came again the second time and was met with the same response, he came the third time and that caused a few of our friends to flare up as they asked why he kept coming to disturb me,” she recounted.

She said this led to a fight between her friends and Burna Boy’s team. However, it was briefly resolved by the security personnel at the club.

Things took a different turn when Burna Boy’s escorts started a fight again and started shooting. She alleged that Burna Boy gave the green light to his security to start shooting at them in the club while he laughed about it.

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Briella while recounting what happened said within a split second there was chaos in the club.

Her partner was grazed by a bullet in the head, while his friend got shot in his thigh.

The woman also said it took the owner of the nightclub, Obi Cubana four days to reach out to them after the shooting, claiming he had no idea about it.

She said the club couldn’t provide a CCTV footage or statement of the incident and business has carried on in the club.


Burna Boy had been declared a fugitive by the Lagos State Police command, stating he is under criminal investigation.

The singer had been told to turn himself in as he has no hiding place. The police have already alerted INTERPOL to track his movement.

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Reggie O'Kenneth Bebe, Reggie – Bebe ft. O’Kenneth


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