June 23rd, 2022

Truly, the world has gone global. The advent of social networks has also made life more beautiful. Life is not only beautiful but it is also losing control. People no longer need to move from one house to another to communicate. It is now possible to wake up and get connected to a lot of people without leaving the comfort of your home. A web – that is what internet has made us all.

As possible as it is, it is not an easy feat to be popular on social networks. Besides sharing pictures or videos depiciting extravagant lifestyles, people especially ladies do the unthinkable. They sometimes post sexy pictures, exposing every single detail meant to be covered. While criticising those who share sexy pictures, some people have taken it higher. They shamelessly engage in soft porns or public discussion on sexual intercourse to boost their followers or make their pages active and relevant.

Reggie O'Kenneth Bebe, Reggie – Bebe ft. O’Kenneth

It is now a routine for young ladies including some elderly ones to carelessly flaunt their bodies for fame. They do it effortlessly and proudly associate with such act. Have you ever wondered why the number of people producing contents on soft porn is increasing? They have ready-made audience. Get a good phone. Put on crazy wears. Get some bad vibes. You are good to go. They do so with little or no regards for consequences.

Apparently, they do not believe or agree that there will be consequences. The story of one Ayomiposi Oluwadahunsi Adefolarin popularly known as ‘MandyKiss’ is not different. She started as an actress but could not allow her talent to make her famous.

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Photo I: Ayomiposi Oluwadahunsi Adefolarin popularly known as ‘MandyKiss’


She journeyed to stardom through prostitution and crowned herself the president of Oloshos. The 22-year-old native of Ogun state rose to stardom through uploading of regular and controversial videos promoting prostitution on social media platforms.

To music lovers, the word ‘MandyKiss’ means a song written and produced by Yung JXU. ‘Mandykiss’ also means the nickname of the self-acclaimed president of ‘Olosho association’ in Nigeria. According to Urban Dictionary, Olosho means a hoe who fucks for no reason or a lady who has sex for money. ‘MandyKiss’ is simply the head of association of ‘ladies who have sex for money’ in Nigeria. This role she has proudly identified with over the years and happily introduced to her social media handles.

A video surfaced on 15th June, 2022 where ‘Mandykiss’ shocked her followers and declared that she is not an Olosho but a good girl. In this video, ‘Mandykiss’ was seen crying and explaining to her followers that she only created the persona and contents to survive and feed her family. She also stated that she is planning to change her contents and added that she deserves to be happy.

This new move has generated a lot of reactions from her followers including celebrities such as Bukunmi Oluwasina who publicly acknowledged that she likes her contents. Following the comments on her page, it seemed majority of her followers do not agree with her explanation while others wished her well. However, WITHIN NIGERIA observed that most people have little or no information about Ayomiposi Oluwadahunsi Adefolarin, the self-acclaimed President of Olosho Association.

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Photo II: Ayomiposi Oluwadahunsi Adefolarin ‘MandyKiss’


Ayomiposi Oluwadahunsi Adefolarin popularly known as ‘Mandykiss’ is a native of Ogun State, Nigeria. She was born on 16th March, 2000. She is currently 22 years old. She is a christian and a member of Celestial Church of Christ.

Photo III: Celebrity photographer, ‘Mandykiss’ in celestial wear



The details of primary and secondary schools she attended were not available as at the time of writing this report but WITHIN NIGERIA gathered that she was a social prefect while in school.

Photo IV: Celebrity prostitute, ‘Mandykiss’ in front of The Federal Polytechnic Ede


It was also gathered that she studied Marketing at the The Federal Polytechnic Ede but WITHIN NIGERIA could not confirm if she graduated or not.


Ayomiposi popularly known as ‘Mandykiss’ started her career in the entertainment industry as a skit maker before she ventured into full-time prostitution. She has a working history with top skit makers like Cute Abiola and currently works as an influencer for some brands.


Photo V: Mandykiss with Naira Marley’s tattoo


Ayomiposi popularly known as ‘Mandykiss’ tattooed face of popular rapper and hip-hop artist, Azeez Adeshina Sanyaolu professionally known as Naira Marley on her right tight. She uploaded it on Instagram account and went viral during Naira Marley’s birthday. She was followed on Instagram by Naira Marley and the duo later met. Some social media commentators criticised her for tattooing Naira Marley’s face on her right tight and wondered the kind of explanation she would give her future husband if she eventually got married.

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Photo VI: Hip-hop artiste and rapper, Naira Marley and Celebrity prostitute, Mandykiss


‘Mandykiss’, self-acclaimed president of Olosho was allegedly involved in a secret relationship with Nollywood actor, Itele D’ Icon and skitmaker, Cute Abiola. An Instagram blogger identified as Gistlovers once alleged that Mandy Kiss, who resides in Abeokuta, sleeps with Abiola anytime he links up with her, while her sexual relationship with Itele is for movie roles.

Photo VII: Celebrity prostitute, ‘Mandykiss’ and Popular skitmaker, Cute Abiola


‘Mandykiss’ while reacting to the allegation did not debunk it rather she said people could choose to believe whatever they read online because she owes nobody any explanation regarding the news making rounds online. She added that she owes her body, and even if she had sex with Cute Abiola or not, it is nobody’s business.

In an interview with Timi Agbaje, the self-acclaimed president of Olosho disclosed that she became successful in her call girl business because Tunde Ednut often times post her on his page. She also added that she has lost count of number of men she had slept with.


The self-acclaimed president of Olosho, ‘Mandykiss’ via a video which has gone viral revealed that no man can come out to say that he has slept with her as a prostitute.

“Don’t get it twisted, I’m an Instagram Olosho just to make money, I’m a good girl. If your brother or friend wants to marry me, please don’t bad-mouth me. I want to live life and have a business. I’m not a bad girl”, she added.

She also noted how a heartbreak led her to become an internet acclaimed prostitute.

“A suicidal heartbreak pushed me to become resourceful and I need money to be independent. Many abused me when I started, and when I started getting adverts and shows, it became a career”, a rather sad Mandykiss said.

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Reggie O'Kenneth Bebe, Reggie – Bebe ft. O’Kenneth


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