Muslim-Muslim ticket: PDP spreading ‘religious suspicion’ in Nigeria – Tinubu group

June 16th, 2022

The camp of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, says Muslim-Muslim 2023 ticket is sending shivers down the spine of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In a Facebook post Wednesday night, Bayo Onanuga, Tinubu Campaign spokesperson, accused the PDP of propaganda.

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He said the “scaremongering campaign” began on the convention ground at Eagle Square last week as delegates voted.

Onanuga noted that though the mischief was crushed before it caught fire, the PDP has not given up and “continued to fan the embers of religious suspicions in Nigeria”.

The veteran journalist said nearly three weeks after “it breached the power rotation principle” which ought to return power to the south, the PDP dithers over the choice of a running mate for its candidate Atiku Abubakar.

Onanuga informed the public that all the anti-muslim articles since Tinubu won the 2023 ticket are mostly products of PDP machine.

“Only PDP can be mortally afraid of a muslim-muslim ticket as it is most likely to disrupt its 2023 election permutation, the way it upset its ancestral party, the National Republican Convention in 1993, when MKO Abiola and Babagana Kingibe won handily,” he said.

Onanuga said the fear of APC and its candidate has been fuelling national antagonisms against a matter beyond the purview of the 1999 constitution.

The former News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) chief insists the country’s constitution did not make religion a factor in seeking elective positions.

He said Chapter VI, Part I, Section 131 states that a person may be qualified for election into the office of the president if a citizen by birth, has attained the age of 35 years and is a member of a party.

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Onanuga added that when people introduce religion into a secular activity, they can only plan to tear Nigeria apart via a holy war.

The spokesman urged Nigerians to “disregard the PDP red-herring campaign and refuse to swallow it hook, line and sinker”.

His post added that the country needs a formidable team, either Christian or Muslim, to lead its 200 million people driven by a vision of national development.

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Reggie O'Kenneth Bebe, Reggie – Bebe ft. O’Kenneth


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