Meet the BBNaija Season 6 Female Housemates | Maria, Liquorose, Tega …

Today, we get to meet the female contestants who will slug it out on TV for 3 months for the price 0f N90, 000, 000.

The new season of the much anticipated BBNaija reality tv show kicked off yesterday the 24th of July and to everyone’s surprise, it’s been a double launch that saw us get introduced to the male contestants on the first day. Today, we get to meet the female contestants who will slug it out on TV for 3 months for the price 0f N90, 000, 000. In order of their introduction and entry, here are the BBNaija Season 6 female housemates of the Shine Ya Eye show:

BBNaija Season 6 female housemates

From L to R; Liquorose, Maria and Jackie B

BBNaija Season 6 Female Housemates; 1. Angel

Angel is a 21-year-old poetry and prose writer from Akwa Ibom who is looking to major in film. She says she’s fun, entertaining, talkative, and bossy. Her tagline goes “If you do anyhow, you’ll see anyhow.”

Reggie O'Kenneth Bebe, Reggie – Bebe ft. O’Kenneth

With 11 tattoos, some more prominent than others, she claimed to “Look the part” when asked why she’s at the show.

2. Peace

A 26-year-old fashion entrepreneur with experience as a TV host, Peace loves funny people, relaxing, eating, and sleeping.

She claims to be bringing her peaceful self but will give as good as you get if you try to disturb her peace. Her tagline goes; “If you’re not rocking with Peace, PEACE OUT!”

BBNaija Season 6 Female Housemates;

3. Jackie B

29-year-old from Adamawa state, she’s a single mother of one– a boy, who claims to be coming for all the money, tasks, and challenges.

Jackie B says she’s going into the house to flirt a little and would in her words, says she might sail if she sees any “fancy-looking ship.” Her tagline goes “Respect me, I respect you. You don’t respect me, I don’t respect you.”

4. Tega

A lover of dance, and physical touches, she hates wearing clothes.

Tega claims to have a personality of fire and ice, with her moods being dependent on people’s energy. For Tega, her mission in the house is to sell herself and bring spice to the boredom in the house. She claims to be a troublemaker and her tagline is “What you see is what you get.”

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5. Arin

A 29-year-old fashion designer and art curator with a foundation as a cultural producer, she promises to be a bubbly, lively person whom people will love to trust with their secrets.

Arin currently has 17 piercings, with 7 from the original 24 having closed up. Arin says she is expressive and emotional.

BBNaija Season 6 Female Housemates;

6. Maria

From Imo state, Maria is a 29-year-old who loves fun, bubbly people, dislikes, untidy, dirty people, and being broke.

A realtor in Dubai, she has her eyes set on setting up a business in Nigeria and is going in for the money. For her, she’s in to entertain the viewers by being herself.

7. Liquorose

A 26-year-old from Edo state, she’s one of three of viral dance trio, GGB (Girls Got Bold) Dance Crew. She says there are three sides to her; Roseline, Rose, and Liquorose, and would be going into the house as the latter.

A dancer since the age of 12, she claims to be bringing her thick thighs into the house and is ready for all the drama, while expressively stating, “I’m a vibe machine.”


8. Beatrice

A fashion model and a proud Port Harcourt girl, she defies the stereotype by claiming to be calm.

Beatrice claims to be there to sell herself and her clothing brand and wants to be important. She’s also single for now.

BBNaija Season 6 Female Housemates;

9. Princess

A 30-year-old can driver from Imo state, she claims to be ready for the gbas gbos and the drama, ready to dish out whatever you see.

Princess is here to “take us for a good ride.”

11. Saskay

A 21-year-old artist and model from Adamawa state, she claims to be bursting with talent and knowledge and is a fan of food, and doesn’t like loud people.

Saskay claims to be emotional with a hard guy facade. She has a boyfriend but seems ready to see how things go.


10. Nini

A 26-year-old model from Edo state, she’s looking to launch her fashion brand after the show. She’s a fan of honest people and hates to lose.

She claims to be quite entertaining and dramatic and described herself as a hyper girl. Giving assurance that she’s not a makeup artist or a troublemaker, she emphatically stated “If you bring trouble, you’re gonna get it double.”

With the last of the housemate in the house, Ebuka promptly addressed the housemates with an update on the game’s procedure. With 22 housemates in and beds for 20, 2 wildcards have been implanted in their midst and the housemates have one week to observe other contestants and route out who they are. Failure to figure out who the two wildcards are grants the wildcards the power to put up two housemates for nomination. With the housemates locked in and the game plan rolling, it’s safe to say BBNaija Shine Ya Eye, Season 6 is off to a scintilating start.

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Have any of the BBNaija season 6 female housemates struck up a flame in your heart so far? Who do you think you’d be rooting for and who do you think is the wildcard?

Reggie O'Kenneth Bebe, Reggie – Bebe ft. O’Kenneth

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