UFC Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards: LIVE Updates

Follow fight Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards live coverage, stream information, result online, prediction, lineups preview, start date and result updates of the UFC 286 on Kilamity live stream March 18th 2023. Kick-off start time: 5:00 pm ET

Speak up, Leon Edwards!

โ€œFor him, the fight was going in his favor. What has he changed? The way he fought me last time is the way he fought me. the way he fights. I can’t see him, in the space of five, six months, becoming a totally different fighter. I don’t see that happening. A knockout affects everyone differently. Is he 35, 36 now? Coming off a KO and fighting the same guy who just knocked you out, let’s see how he comes back and reacts.

Speak up, Kamaru Usman!

“I will fight to dominate. That never changed. The only thing you really have to take into account, and I know you hear these excuses from him a lot, is That wasn’t the first time that Edwards and I had fought. The first fight looked a lot like the second. So, if he wants to believe it was the altitude, it is. what is. He can believe it. Doesn’t change for me. Altitude or no altitude, I know what I came to do. When trauma like this happens, most people are distraught. ย  When are you? ย  talking about ordinary people. Edwards and I both know that I am not ordinary. I am extraordinary. He will open the door for me, because I am the king. The funny thing about this is; I feel like he is. forgetting what happened for 24 minutes in the last fight. What do you know? What has he done in those two fights that leads him to believe he’s the best? a better MMA fighter than me?”, he declared.

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman
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Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards

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