Victony – Everything

8 Feb 2024 Kilamity 0

Nigerian musician Victony has once again enchanted audiences with his latest musical creation, “Everything.” This captivating track follows his previous hit, “Ohema,” showcasing his remarkable […]

Victony – No Joke

2 Nov 2023 Kilamity 0

“No Joke” is a captivating track by the immensely talented Nigerian singer, songwriter, and composer, Victony. It comes as a follow-up to his previous hit […]

Victony – My Darling

22 Jun 2023 Kilamity 1

Victony recently delighted fans with the release of his highly anticipated two-track music collection, “Angelus” and “My Darling.” Among the two, “My Darling” stands out […]

Victony – Angelus

22 Jun 2023 Kilamity 0

Victony, the talented music artist, has recently released a captivating two-track collection titled “Angelus” and “My Darling.” Among these tracks, “Angelus” stands out with its […]